International Art Prize each year organized by the Pinacotheque - a museum located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  • At the beginning of 2022, I submitted my application for the competition with four graphic works of art.
  • In January 2023, I received an official letter about Awarding Certificate of artistic merit for me!
  • Here is description of the Certificate:
  • "The Museum issues a Certificate of artistic merit for the year of participation to all artists who distinguished themselves from a qualitative perspective, whether or not they are finalists. The objective of the Certificate is to provide official recognition from the Museum to artist participants whose merit and artistic talent have been specifically noted. Not all participants will necessarily receive a Certificate".
  • Luxembourg Art Prize official home page: CLICK HERE!
  • Here is the description of my work that I submitted to the jury of the contest:
"I have always been in interested in the lines and colors, how they interact with each other. Line is the way how I see the world, line is peace and harmony for me. My first love of art is graphics. I have also studied theology and Icon painting. Already during studies, I realized that these two directions of art have one, strong language of expression - line and color. While studying Icon painting, I discovered the power of color, which in the future took the same place as the power of the line in my art. With the help of these two simbols, I ask questions and try to find answers - who we are and where we are going. In 2020, I was invited to participate in the exhibition of a group of artists "Non-material art. BAUHAUS/VKHUTEMAS-100". Using these two elements - line and color, I created work for the exhibition "Black hole. Creation". where I combined the idea of what is the moment of creation and what is the result. And I still continue to discover egg tempera as the main material for Icon painting in beautiful collaboration with the main player in graphic - ink".
  • I invite you to take a look at the Certificate I received and the works I submitted to the competition!
  • The encouragement has been received, so, I need to create new works and participate in the competition again!
  • Big Thanks to Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, MUSEUM PINACOTHEQUE  for the recognition and rating!


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